Consisting of a CubeSat of 1 kg mass, it will be developed by the Sfax School of Engineering. ERPSat satellite is deliberate to be launched into orbit in 2013. Syrian Space Research Center growing CubeSat-like small first national satellite since 2008.

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Reconnaissance satellites are Earth observation satellite tv for pc or communications satellite deployed for navy or intelligence functions. Very little is thought about the full power of those satellites, as governments who function them usually keep information pertaining to their reconnaissance satellites categorized. Killer satellites are satellites which are designed to destroy enemy warheads, satellites, and other area belongings. Navigational satellites are satellites which use radio time alerts transmitted to enable mobile receivers on the bottom to determine their exact location. Astronomical satellites are satellites used for remark of distant planets, galaxies, and different outer house objects.

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India, after launching its first nationwide satellite utilizing a overseas launcher in 1975, tried in 1979 to launch the primary satellite tv for pc using its own launcher before succeeding in 1980. Japan tried 4 times in 1966–1969 to launch a satellite tv for pc with its own launcher earlier than successfully completing a launch in 1970. Space-based mostly solar energy satellites are proposed satellites that might acquire vitality from daylight and transmit it for use on Earth or other places.

Republic of Moldova’s first remote sensing satellite tv for pc plans to start in 2013 by Space centre at national Technical University. Afghanistan announced in April 2012 that it is planning to launch its first communications satellite tv for pc to the orbital slot it has been awarded. The satellite Afghansat 1 was anticipated to be obtained by a Eutelsat industrial company in 2014. North Korea has tried in 1998, 2009, 2012 to launch satellites, first successful launch on 12 December 2012.

Austria’s first two satellites, TUGSAT-1 and UniBRITE, have been launched together aboard the identical service rocket in 2013. Tunisia is creating its first satellite tv for pc, ERPSat01.