Businesses are continually trying to increase their scope beyond geographical locations and domains. No brand in the world is sticking to one single domain these days and trying to become the master of multiple product lines and targeting various demographics and people. However, if you own a regular hosting plan, you will constantly find yourself to accommodate your ever-growing online venture. To avoid the hassle involved in changing and choosing the right strategy, you must opt for multiple domains hosting package.

Hosting multiple websites can help you expand your business into multiple related niches. It also gives you the power of creating a link farm. Link farms can be defined as a network of websites that all link to each other and focus on one main site.

Having multiple sites or domains for business allows you to grow and grow over time and also benefits your SEO strategy.

We will take you through the following benefits of hosting multiple domains:

  • Protect your brand identity

Multiple domain hosting is becoming a fast-growing strategy and proving helpful to protect your brand identity and businesses. There have been many instances in the past that businesses have suffered losses because someone came up with a similar sounding domain and diverted the traffic. This misleads loyal buyers, and slowly you start losing your business. Hence, it is wise to own all the possible domain names related to your products that can be used to mislead your customers.

  • Misspellings could be helpful 

Sometimes, brands tend to have domains that can be easily misspelt. This might lead the buyer to the competitor’s site sometimes or a 404-error page. You can solve this problem by hosting multiple domains. By using various domain variants of your website, you can redirect the visitors to your site even if they misspell the domain name.

  • Target the specific audience

Many businesses try and grow into different products and domains. Now we see a very few businesses hosting all their products on the same domain name. Businesses that tend to grow into different domains can have multiple domains to represent their product to a target audience in a much better way. This also sends a clear message to the audience about the products that a particular website is selling.

  • Build an effective marketing campaign

Marketing campaigns help the brand grow faster and spread the word effectively through various social media channels and website. Multiple domains and secondary domains are used to redirect people using links from the product page to the main site. Several catchphrases are linked to the promotional page on the main website of their organizations.


Websites are becoming crucial day by day with increasing consumption of content on the internet. Multiple domains can help you take your internet game up a notch by eliminating all the ways by which someone could try and cost you your sales and traffic. Owning different versions of your domain is the best way to protect your brand’s identity. Not all the hosting services allow you to hold multiple domains. Be it Cloud web hosting, VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting, it depends on the service provider only. We would suggest you take into consideration plans with an unlimited package from a provider that will help you achieve superior performance.