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These will usually form a part of an overarching set of Architecture Principles. Guidelines for growing and making use of ideas, and a sample set of technology rules, are given in Part III, 20. The order of the steps in Phase D in addition to the time at which they’re formally started and completed must be adapted to the situation at hand in accordance with the established Architecture Governance. In explicit, determine whether or not in this scenario it is applicable to conduct Baseline Description or Target Architecture improvement first, as described in Part III, 18. You can separate ‘true’ tech companies from the wider technology ecosystem, similar to coworking areas and recruiters.

Diagrams present the Technology Architecture info from a set of various views (viewpoints) in accordance with the requirements of the stakeholders. Catalogs form the raw materials for improvement of matrices and diagrams and likewise act as a key useful resource for managing the business and IT capability. Select related Technology Architecture viewpoints that may enable the architect to demonstrate how the stakeholder issues are being addressed within the Technology Architecture.

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