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In this evaluate, we will summarize recent analysis progress on the fabrication of broad- (1.7 to 1.9 eV) and low-bandgap (1.1 to 1.3 eV) perovskite single-junction cells and their purposes in tandem cells. Key challenges and points in broad- and low-bandgap single-junction cells shall be discussed. We will survey current state-of-the-art perovskite tandem cells and talk about the restrictions and challenges for perovskite tandem cells. Lastly, we conclude with an outlook for the future improvement of perovskite tandem photo voltaic cells.

Interlayer coupling, as a ubiquitous phenomenon residing amongst 2D supplies (2DMs) techniques, controls a thin layer exfoliation process and the assembly of vdWHSs and behaves with a unique degree of freedom for engineering the properties of 2DMs. Interlayer coupling provides a chance to look at new physics and supplies a novel technique to modulate the digital and optoelectronic properties of materials for sensible system applications. We herein evaluate current progress within the exploration of interlayer coupling in 2D semiconducting vdWHSs for potential functions in electronics and optoelectronics. Organic-inorganic metallic halide perovskite single-junction photo voltaic cells have attracted nice consideration up to now few years due to a high report energy conversion efficiency (PCE) of 23.7{ba001e18389df7520355fa6d1d9ab7d4a1f9ec77cec85e592eb8ec0edea01c6c} …

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