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Currently, these platforms, provided by the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are typically considerably broad in scope, with (often costly) custom-engineering required to use them to the particular tasks a company could require. During 2020, we’ll see wider adoption and a growing pool of suppliers which might be more likely to start offering more tailor-made purposes and services for particular or specialized tasks. This will imply no firm will have any excuses left not to use AI.


New software program brings quantum network design to customers around the world NetSquid, a specialised simulator for quantum networks has been made freely obtainable for non-business users. In growth by QuTech since 2017, the software program is the first of its kind to model timing effects utilizing discrete occasions. NetSquid allows researchers around the world to precisely predict the performance of quantum networks and modular quantum computing systems.

During 2020, it’s probably we are going to begin to see the debate around autonomous driving unfold outside of the tech world, as increasingly people come spherical to the concept that the question isn’t “if,” however “when,” it’ll turn out to be a actuality. The fifth era of cellular internet connectivity is going …

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