Viewfinders are sometimes missed and can be a lifesaver when it comes to framing that family portrait in the sunshine. FPS (also known as burst mode) is the fastest velocity that your camera can take photos.

It’s nice for motion, as you can take a series of photos and decide your greatest shot. Print straight from the camera for a memento that’ll take delight of place on your fridge. If you need one thing that’s going to outlive your adventures, contemplate a waterproof, drop-proof, sand-proof powerful camera. The BBC is not liable for the content of external sites. Dr Jamieson recorded the new octopus whereas working as chief scientist on the Five Deeps Expedition.

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Workers at the MorningStar Assisted Living Facility in Boulder have begun the process of unionizing after alleging their management has put them at heavy threat of contracting COVID-19. A man police accused of illegally growing marijuana in Boulder County while additionally failing to file earnings tax has taken a plea deal in his case and was sentenced to probation. Applications might range from biology to exploring novel environments, the researchers said. The group hopes that future versions of the camera would require even less power and be battery free, doubtlessly solar-powered.

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UW researchers examined their low-energy camera system on an insect-sized robot they developed. The camera and arm are controlled via Bluetooth from a smartphone from a distance up to one hundred twenty meters away, just a little longer than a football area.

This was the project that noticed Texan financier Victor Vescovo take a submersible to the deepest sectors of the 5 main oceans on Earth. Dr Jamieson’s equipment filmed two octopuses – one on a drop to 5,760m and a second to six,957m. The name is a nod to the distinguished ear-like fins simply above these animals’ eyes that make them look like the 1940s Disney cartoon character. Just visit our booking web page and select your date and time of visit.