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RenderWithShaderRender the camera with shader substitute. ResetAspectRevert the facet ratio to the screen’s facet ratio. ResetCullingMatrixMake culling queries replicate the camera’s in-built parameters. ResetProjectionMatrixMake the projection replicate regular camera’s parameters. ResetReplacementShaderRemove shader alternative from camera.

SetStereoProjectionMatrixSets a customized projection matrix for a selected stereoscopic eye. SetStereoViewMatrixSets a custom view matrix for a specific stereoscopic eye. SetTargetBuffersSets the Camera to render to the chosen buffers of a number of RenderTextures. TryGetCullingParametersGet culling parameters for a camera. ViewportPointToRayReturns a ray going from camera via a viewport level.

ViewportToScreenPointTransforms place from viewport house into display house. ViewportToWorldPointTransforms position from viewport area into world space.

ResetWorldToCameraMatrixMake the rendering place reflect the camera’s place within the Scene. ScreenPointToRayReturns a ray going from camera via a screen point. ScreenToViewportPointTransforms place from screen area into viewport space. ScreenToWorldPointTransforms a degree from display space into world space, where world space is outlined because the coordinate system at the very top of your recreation’s hierarchy. SetReplacementShaderMake the camera render with shader substitute.

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ResetStereoProjectionMatricesReset the camera to utilizing the Unity computed projection matrices for all stereoscopic eyes. ResetStereoViewMatricesReset the camera to utilizing the Unity computed view matrices for all stereoscopic eyes. ResetTransparencySortSettingsResets this Camera’s transparency kind settings to the default. Default transparency settings are taken from GraphicsSettings as a substitute of instantly from this Camera.