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Next-era robotic surgical procedure – from the side of surgical robots developed by industry. Although nonetheless in its infancy, that is an area with nice momentum, and would have vital influence on enhancing the safety and accuracy of procedures, in addition to education and surgical coaching. Soft robots might be advantageous for navigation by way of confined areas, nonetheless, retaining the necessary stability for traction and instrumentation, is important for procedures.

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Telemedicine is improving diagnosing and remedy by making it easier for sufferers to get access to specialists, too. The availability of electronic information has also made it less complicated to forward paperwork to specialists. In rural areas, this could mean the difference between having or not having professional enter into a case. The company might have unwittingly created a fitness cult, but their business model is a little more difficult. A calendar of predictions about the near future as seen by way of the recent previous.

Pivot’s Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss whether the DOJ’s antitrust investigation of the tech behemoth is doomed to fail. Kara Swisher talks with a key member of the president’s economic group about why corporations like Google and …

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