Series often known as the advanced Television Infrared Observing System satellite tv for pc (The first meteorological satellite was one of the TIROS families). In order to obtain data from Meteosat you will need to have a set dish antenna mounted with a clear dealing with side to zero deg. Every half an hour the globe is scanned and the information is split in to smaller blocks and sent down in accordance with a dissemination schedule.

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Tornadoes are often located at the heart of a hook-formed echo on the southwest aspect of thunderstorms. The hook is best noticed within the reflectivity area. This picture shows a reflectivity field containing a number of hook echoes related to thunderstorms that occurred in Tennessee and Kentucky on May 18, 1995. Normally, it is tough to differentiate precipitation sort on the basis of the radar reflectivity alone.

Snow and lightweight drizzle each produce radar reflectivity with about the identical worth. Melting snow and average rain also have comparable values. Very excessive reflectivity’s (the greys on the dimensions on the image above) are at all times related to hail.

The location of the collared radar echoes indicate the place precipitation is falling and the assorted colors indicate the intensity of the precipitation via the colour code within the decrease left corner of the picture. The instance radar image above shows several strong thunderstorms moving via Illinois and Indiana on April 20, 1996. Regions of light and darkish blue point out regions of lighter precipitation while areas of purple and pink indicate strong, to often extreme thunderstorms. Full resolution data, but recorded with an on-board tape recorder for subsequent transmission throughout a station overpass.

This image reveals the reflectivity area from the eye wall of Hurricane Andrew. The symmetry proven on this image indicates that Andrew was a very properly developed hurricane. The ring of orange are the high reflectivities related to the convection found in the eye wall.