Many say that married life is not an easy process. Marriage is a series of phases of life. Many who managed to undergo the ark of marriage until the end of their lives, undergo a series of processes from the bitter sweetness of life. But not a few also failed in the middle of the road. Especially in the millennial era where more and more distractions influence the failure of the marriage. To avoid the failure of this marriage, the Cialis Coupons is one solution to that.

Well, before deciding to get married it’s good to understand the phases of life from marriage. There are six stages in the marriage phase, namely as follows.

1. Phase consummation

Phase consummation is the phase where you and your partner feel perfect love as evidenced by the courage to start a marriage. This phase is a time when you and your partner are being drunk with romance. Physical and emotional closeness is very attached to this phase. Couples’ interests and closeness to partners will be a top priority. To make your closeness warmer, you can try to get the Viagra Coupon.

2. Phase has offspring

Having offspring is one of the goals of a marriage. But in this phase, there is also a fear that will trigger problems when the offspring have not come or fear of losing freedom when they have children.

For a woman, continuing a career or quitting a career must be carefully thought out. To meet the needs of parenting, sharing experiences with friends about childbirth and parenting can help through this phase well.

3. The childcare phase

One of the tasks of couples as parents is to care for children, teach children, and guide them to become successful individuals in the future. In this phase, parents are required to be good role models.

But with the current era of openness, parenting is sometimes a problem when parents compare their children to one another. Focus on forming a good personality in your child, and don’t sue the child too hard.

The difference between your views and your partner’s parenting also often causes problems, so it is important to harmonize parenting with each other.

4. Phase focus on yourself

After the child begins to grow up and starts to have his own world, now you and your partner have more free time to live their personal lives. In this phase, age is middle-aged and economically more mature. A sense of solitude and various anxiety often come at this age. You and your partner are important to build closeness again and share the fear with each other.

5. Phase releases children

When children enter marriage, you and your partner may experience a lot of fear. Fear of losing a child, fear of solitude, fear of an aging age, and so on. The various fears that come can even appear until the stage of depression. Create new activities and do new hobbies to refresh the mind. Meeting with many friends can also give you happiness.

6. Phase facing death

Retirement and old age are the processes faced at the last marriage phase. When you and your partner make it to this point, it’s a sign that you and your partner can be said to be at the level of eternal love. In this phase may be one another will take care of each other when they fall ill, help each other when there is a decrease in physical ability, and spend the old days until the rest of the age ends.

Come on, prepare your physical and psychology to deal with marriage. So that you and your partner can get married until the end of old age. Rest assured, everyone has advantages and disadvantages. That will make you more receptive to each other.