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Coronavirus News Roundup, July 11-july 17

A third (33{ba001e18389df7520355fa6d1d9ab7d4a1f9ec77cec85e592eb8ec0edea01c6c}) of Americans say they frequently get their science information from household and pals, and even fewer (17{ba001e18389df7520355fa6d1d9ab7d4a1f9ec77cec85e592eb8ec0edea01c6c}) discuss with others about science news no less than weekly, far lower than shares found in past surveys focused on talking about information usually or discussions of politics. More than half (fifty seven{ba001e18389df7520355fa6d1d9ab7d4a1f9ec77cec85e592eb8ec0edea01c6c}) of Americans say the news media do a good job covering science. This is consistent with earlier assessments of protection of specific science subjects, notably childhood vaccines, however stands in distinction to different more adverse common assessments of the news media, corresponding to their impression on the country.

This group tends to be more educated and to have higher incomes. Men are extra probably than ladies to be active science information consumers (22{ba001e18389df7520355fa6d1d9ab7d4a1f9ec77cec85e592eb8ec0edea01c6c} vs. 12{ba001e18389df7520355fa6d1d9ab7d4a1f9ec77cec85e592eb8ec0edea01c6c}, respectively), consistent with men’s somewhat greater degree of curiosity in science news. But there are no variations by age and no more than modest variations by race or ethnicity in the share of lively science information shoppers. Another social side of science news – interactions with family and friends – also performs a comparatively modest role.

Even probably the most lively of science information shoppers frequently …

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